Office of Digital Humanities

HTRSC Windows Software

Accessibility WizardSoftware that assists with readability and manageability of programs.Everywhere
Adobe Acrobat >8 ProfessionalForm and document creator. Documents created with Acrobat can be read with Adobe Reader.Everywhere
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3Web development software by Adobe.Everywhere
Adobe Flash Pro CS3Animation software for developing web graphics and applications by Adobe.Everywhere
Adobe Flash CS3 Video Encoder
Adobe Illustrator CS3Vector graphics editing program by Adobe.Everywhere
Adobe InDesign CS3Versatile foundation for dynamic publishing workflows by Adobe.Everywhere
Adobe Photoshop CS3Imaging software by Adobe.Everywhere
Adobe Reader 9Basic software for reading PDF documents.Everywhere
AnticsAnimation software.Everywhere
AudacityOpen source digital audio editor.Everywhere
BYU Placement ExamOnline Student placement examination software.Everywhere
CDL BuilderBuilds playlists for DVD’s.Everywhere
CalculatorA simple calculator.Everywhere
Character MapGives users access to various characters and symbols not found on the keyboard.Everywhere
Chinese P&RChinese language software.Everywhere
Chinese TestingTest for Chinese language comprehension.Everywhere
CLIPSStudent diagnostic software.Everywhere
CSLU ToolkitThe toolkit provides a comprehensive, powerful and flexible environment for building interactive language systems that use these technologies, and for conducting research to improve them.Everywhere
DeskPDFOpen source software used for creating PDF documents.Everywhere
EFR Video PlayerDVD player.Everywhere
Gothic ArchitectureSoftware that examines Gothic architecture.Everywhere
InfraRecorderDVD-burning software.Everywhere
Internet ExplorerInternet browser by MicrosoftEverywhere
InterVideo XPack Mini DVD PlayerDVD PlayerEverywhere
iTunesApple Media player for various audio and video formats.Everywhere
Japanese Spoken Language-Part 1Japanese language software.Everywhere
Japanese Spoken Language-Part 2Japanese language software.Everywhere
jEditProgrammer’s text editing application.Everywhere
KEYChinese language software.Everywhere
KEYTipChinese language software.Everywhere
Komodo 4Everywhere
Learning WebLanguage software.Everywhere
MagnifierMagnifies a portion of the display for users with impaired vision.Everywhere
Mais Oui!French language software.Everywhere
Microsoft Office Access 2007Database and basic programming suite.Everywhere
Microsoft Office Excel 2007Versatile spreadsheet program.Everywhere
Microsoft Office Groove 2007Collaboration program.Everywhere
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007Slideshow and presentation creator and presenter.Everywhere
Microsoft Office Publisher 2007Application for print and web publishing.Everywhere
Microsoft Office Word 2007Word processing application with numerous features.Everywhere
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008Programming software.Everywhere
Mini FacetsEvaluation software.Everywhere
MiniStep (WinSteps)Evaluation software.Everywhere
Mozilla FirefoxInternet browser.Everywhere
NarratorText-to-Speech program that helps people with low vision set up their computers.Everywhere
NotepadSimple text editor.Everywhere
Notepad2Simple text editor.Everywhere
Notepad++Free source code editor for Windows.Everywhere
On-screen KeyboardDisplays keyboard on screen and provides a minimum level of functionality for mobility-impaired users.Everywhere BaseOpen source SQL database application.Everywhere CalcOpen source spreadsheet program.Everywhere DrawOpen source vector graphics editor.Everywhere ImpressOpen source slideshow and presentation creator and viewer.Everywhere WriterOpen source word processing software.Everywhere
Oral Testing SoftwareSoftware for creation of language tests.Everywhere
PDF CreatorSoftware used for creating PDF documents.Everywhere
PaintBitmap image editing software.Everywhere
PraatGerman language software.Everywhere
Personal Ancestral File (PAF)Genealogical software.Everywhere
Presentations Graphics X3Software presentation assistant by Corel.Everywhere
Presentations X3Slideshow and presentation creator and presenter by Corel.Everywhere
PuTTYTelnet client.Everywhere
QuarkXPressPublishing software.Everywhere
Quattro Pro X3Versatile spreadsheet program by Corel.Everywhere
QuickTime PlayerMedia player for various video formats by Apple.Everywhere
RealPlayerMedia player for various video formats by RealNetworks, Inc.Everywhere
Remote Desktop >ConnectionAllows remote access to another computer.Everywhere
RevolutionProgramming software.Everywhere
SPSS 17.0Statistics softwareEverywhere
SafariInternet browser by Apple.Everywhere
Small is BeautifulIcelandic software.Everywhere
Symantec AntiVirusAnti-virus software.Everywhere
Russian Comprehension TestTest for Russian language comprehensionEverywhere
Training for Church InterpretersTraining software for Church interpreters.Everywhere
TUGZipFor compression and extraction of compressed files.Everywhere
Utility ManagerManages accessibility utilities.Everywhere
Visual Studio 2008Integrated development environment.Everywhere
VLC >Media PlayerOpen source media player capable of playing a wide variety of audio and video formats.Everywhere
Volume ControlOn task bar. Controls various system volumes.Everywhere
WenlinChinese language software.Everywhere
Windows Media PlayerMedia player for various audio, video, and streaming formats from Microsoft.Everywhere
Windows Movie MakerBasic video editing software from Microsoft.Everywhere
WinSCP3FTP Client.Everywhere
WordCruncher 6.1Text presentation and analysis tool.Everywhere
WordCruncher 7.1Text presentation and analysis tool.Everywhere
WordPerfect X3Word processing software by Corel.Everywhere
Write Express Easy LettersLetter writing softwareEverywhere
Write Express Phonetic FinderLetter writing softwareEverywhere
Write Express RhymerRhyming softwareEverywhere