Program Description

The College of Humanities at BYU offers an undergraduate minor degree in Digital Humanities and Technology through the Office of Digital Humanities. Students who earn this minor degree possess skills with technological tools and understand how these tools are used in humanities research and beyond.

Who Takes DigHT Courses?

Students from all over campus have completed DigHT coursework. Since 2006, 45% of the students who enrolled in DigHT courses declared majors in something other than a humanities discipline, with majors from the College of Fine Arts and Communications accounting for 17% of the enrollment. This diversity of interest and background enriches DigHT courses. Students gain insights from classmates whom they may not have met otherwise.

Employment Potential

Dr. Phil Gardner, a professor at Michigan State University and an expert in the employment of recent college graduates, cautions that many students lack a story that connects their studies to the needs of employers. The DigHT program is designed to provide students with tangible examples of how their classroom learning transfers to success in the workplace.

The technology and critical thinking skills fostered in the DigHT courses are desirable to those seeking work in almost any field. Past students have successfully combined DigHT coursework with their major degree’s requirements to set their résumés apart from other prospective employees.