The Office of Digital Humanities (ODH) provides Digital Humanities research and consultation support to faculty and students in the College of Humanities. We also provide technical (hardware, software, and network) support. The full-time support staff is located in Suite 1163 of the Joseph F. Smith Building (JFSB).  The Director is Devin Asay, 422-6510.  The department email is odh@byu.edu.

Use of the facilities, including audio, video, and computer capabilities, is without charge, although fees may be charged by Humanities Learning Commons (HLC), located in 1141 JFSB, for personal conversion or duplication projects. Access to lab facilities and the HLC is open to all Humanities faculty, as well as university students who wish to upgrade their language skills or to complete assignments for classes within the College of Humanities. Requests for specialized software for student use can be made by contacting Devin Asay, 422-6510.  Faculty members who need to access rooms with cypher or card-swipe locks should contact the ODH office at 422-5360. Room availability can by checked on the HLC website (http://hlrc.byu.edu/schedule).

The following rooms can be scheduled, for one-time use, by emailing Bonnie at bonnie_bingham@byu.edu. For scheduling semester-long classes, contact Devin at devin_asay@byu.edu.

B003 JFSB – Foreign Language Activity Commons

B013 JFSB – Windows Computer Classroom

B161 JFSB – Collaborative Lab/Classroom

B181 JFSB – Mac Computer Classroom

B160 JFSB – TELE Room (Classroom)

B164 JFSB – TELE Room (Classroom) with Video Conferencing

1161 JFSB – ODH Conference Room with Video Conferencing

4051 and 4057 JKB – Windows Computer Classrooms


Small class and study rooms in 1131, 1133, and 1141 JFSB should be scheduled with the HLC lab attendants by calling 801-422-5424.

Lab attendants in the Humanities Learning Commons (HLC, 1141 JFSB) and the Humanities Computer Labs (1131 & 1133 JFSB) are available to assist with hardware and software problems and questions.


The following policies govern student use of the computer labs and the HLC:

A. No food or drink is allowed in the computer labs or in the HLC computer carrels.

B. The labs and the HLC are open to anyone, if computers are available; however, priority will be given to College of Humanities students when the rooms are busy. Access to the ODH computer labs and study rooms may be limited to students who are in College of Humanities classes, or working on approved projects, during busy times.

C. If the areas become filled, students may be asked to surrender their lab computer, if it’s being used for personal purposes, email, games, or other non-academic purposes. Any use of lab computers in violation of the Honor Code may result in University suspension.

D. Users are asked not to tamper with or attempt to repair any of the hardware or printers in the lab. Any problems with the equipment should be reported to one of the lab assistants, or any full-time employee. No attempt to change the paper or cartridges in the printers should be attempted.

E. Please do not remove or copy any software from the computer lab areas.

F. The labs will close promptly as scheduled. This means students must begin exiting programs about ten minutes before the lab closes. Please DO NOT ask the lab attendants to stay late.

G. Any student not abiding by these rules could be subject to the loss of lab privileges.