ODH Specialties List

Anderson, Tory (385-207-8454):

● Humanities College Webmaster

● Application development

● Website development and maintenance

● Domain name services

● WordPress questions

● Website support team supervisor

● Linux

● Databases

● Funding computer applications for students and faculty

Asay, Devin (2-6510):

● ODH Director

● Active Directory user management

● LiveCode

● Database development

● Mac Lab Configuration

● Mac troubleshooting & support

Bingham, Bonnie (2-5360):

● Department Secretary

● FLATS (Foreign Language Achievement Testing Services), 12-credit, pass/fail foreign language tests for non-BYU students, and certain languages for BYU students

● Equestrienne

● JKB lab attendant supervisor

Browne, Jeremy (2-7439):

● Coordinator for Digital Humanities (DigHT) program

● DigHT Localization Program

● Internships – DigHT and Localization

● Motorcycle mechanics

● Lego bricks

● Video game lounge

● HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python

● Problems or issues with DigHT MS

Cheng, John (2-7400):

● Website development and maintenance

● WordPress General Questions

● System administrator

Croxall, Brian (2-7425):

Digital Humanities

DH Pedagogy

Digital methods for textual analysis



Hansen, Russell (2-9295 or 2-5424):

Labs – HLR, FLAC, computer labs (including supervising employees)

Door codes/locks for all ODH rooms

Video conferencing

Recording Studio

Equipment checkout and questions

Media conversion – audio, video, obsolete formats

Testing Lab Supervisor

Test scheduling

Test development


Reynolds, Robert (2-7426):

Computer Assisted Language Learning

Text processing (machine-learning and rule-based)




Hummedia/Ayamel/Y-Video/Audio/Video questions

Software development

Intelligent CALL development (ICALL)

Wilson, Mark (2-8927):

Humanities College Server Administrator

Server security issues

User management on college servers

BYU Internal domain name services

Server backups


Faculty space allocation on college servers

Database management

Active Directory user management

Woodward, Brad (2-2739):

Computer Support Representative (CSR)

IT Manager (BYU IT Services questions)

Video conferencing

Orders computers for the College of Humanities

WordCruncher Team:

Shelley, Monte (2-7325):

● Managing Director

● Text Preparation & Testing

Dzubak, Jason (2-2392):

● Application Developer