Fall 2019 Humanities WordPress Support Team Member

Student employees are needed to support WordPress websites and answer trouble-tickets as part of the Humanities HumWebHelp team.

Job Description

We use the WordPress web framework to service much of the College of Humanities, answering support calls, and maintaining and creating websites. Tasks will include:

  • Review, selection, and occasional modification of WordPress themes
  • Fixing of stylistic and basic functional issues across WordPress sites
  • Selecting and modifying WordPress themes based on meetings with interested groups
  • Responding to technical problems had by WordPress content contributors

Skills Required

Success will require:

  • The ability to analyze and review WordPress plugins to find appropriate tools
  • Knowledge of fundamental web technologies, especially HTML and CSS and basic Javascript
  • Using front-end developer tools, as in Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Ability to provide clear and positive answers to technical questions from non-technical users


Please send your resume to:

Tory S. Anderson