Spring + Summer 2020 Student Developer: Clojure

Job Description

We are seeking some fast-learning student developers to join our Clojure development team for front-end and back-end development of web applications.

In the course of this job the developers will have the opportunity to learn advanced software development skills including: functional and functional reactive programming (FP & FRP), test-driven development (TDD), basic Git, and database migration.


  • Ability to work remotely over 20 hours weekly during Spring/Summer
  • Minor programming experience required (CS 142 or equivalent)
  • Ability to proactively seek solutions independently
  • Must be a user of Linux environment for programming (VMs are fine)


  • Ability to work up to 40 hours weekly over the Spring/Summer
  • Version control with Git
  • SQL familiarity
  • Fluency with HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript


Please send your resume to:

Tory S. Anderson

Download (PDF)