WordCruncher (Research)

Search, Study, and Analyze eBooks or Corpora to Gain New Insights


WordCruncher is a free personal research assistant with tools to help you search, study, analyze, download, create, and share eBooks or corpora in many languages.

Other apps and online resources may lack helpful tools, tags, markup, formatting, multilingual support, speed, or data. One linguist used online data to create a 700 million-word WordCruncher corpus. He said, “I couldn’t have done a lot of my research with what is out there.”

Go to WordCruncher.com to see:

 how some BYU faculty have used WordCruncher for research, teaching, and publications.

● a description of study tools and resources. (Many are not available online or with other apps.)

● how Church leaders, members, scholars, and students have used WordCruncher (a) to study the scriptures in 30 languages, and (b) to prepare talks, lessons, and articles.

● how to install the free app, download a book, and try some tools.

● how the WordCruncher support team can help you and your students search, study, analyze, and create eBooks or corpora.