DigHT Minor

Benefit from the Knowledge and
Employment Potential of Having a DigHT Minor

Program Description

The College of Humanities at BYU offers an undergraduate minor degree in Digital Humanities and Technology through the Office of Digital Humanities. Students who earn this minor degree possess skills with technological tools and understand how these tools are used in humanities research and beyond.

Mission Statement

To see the humanities through the digital
And the humanity in the digital

Vision Statement

The Digital Humanities and Technology program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to appreciate literature and other media via digital tools and to think clearly about the place of digital tools in our society. The technology skills they demonstrate in their disciplines allow them to act well in their professional life, regardless of their employment sector.

Core Values

  • Inclusivity: Entry-level DigHT courses are made for all students, regardless of background and technology ability.
  • Positivity: DigHT courses foster curiosity, constructive failure, and the courage to contribute to public discussions.
  • Applicability: DigHT courses teach tools and techniques students may use in a variety of post-university contexts, especially in the modern workplace.
  • Openness: DigHT courses teach—whenever feasible—free and open-source software that students may access without subscription.