Project Proposal Process

ODH partners with faculty from the College of Humanities to design digital scholarship projects and/or develop pedagogical tools. The process for proposing a project is as follows:

    1. Contact the Digital Humanities Project Coordinator, currently Kathie Gossett, at either or 801.422.2897 for an initial discussion of your project idea.
    2. Following this discussion, you will be asked to fill out a Project Intake Document (PID). You do not need to know all the answers to the questions immediately as the document is designed to be completed in conversation with someone from ODH. You should expect to go through a few rounds of revision on the PID with your partner in ODH.
    3. The completed PID will be shared with the ODH project team, which meets in a project status meeting (PSM) during the first and third weeks of the month. The entire team will review the PID and make suggestions for improvement.
      • Often, the team will suggest edits that are significant, and you and your ODH partner will need to make revisions. The team will consider the updated version at a subsequent PSM.
      • Once the team feels the proposal is sufficiently detailed, a vote will be taken on whether your project should be accepted and added to the ODH roster.
    4. If a project is accepted, the ODH team designates who will be the lead ODH member on the project as well as an approximate timeline for development of your project to begin.
      • You should plan to attend weekly meetings with the lead ODH member throughout the duration of your project’s development.