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The Humanities 101 Tutorials were commissioned by Professor of Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature, Dr. Jon Green in the early 1990s, for use in his Introduction to Humanities course. They introduced students to basic principles of a number of art forms, including architecture, ballet, drama, film, music, visual arts, classic mythological motifs, opera, and poetry. The original version was created by various Computers in the Humanities (CHum) students using HyperCard, under the direction of Chuck Bush and Devin Asay. It was actively used for Humanities 101 from about 1998 through about 2005.

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Echo Farrow
Barry Johnson (HyperCard Stacks)
Becca Shefchik (Gallery Visit)
Jenny Byers
Becky Clawson
Non-ODH Collaborators:
Jon Green
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