New DigHT Class for Fall 2024

  • DigHT 210: Introduction to Programming will return to the class schedule for Fall 2024.
  • The class will now teach Python, the most popular programming language in the world.
  • Unlike most introductory programming classes, DigHT 210 will be taught in a small computer lab with a focus on individual instruction.

The Digital Humanities and Technology program is happy to announce that its most storied course, DigHT 210: Introduction to Programming, will return for Fall 2024. This class was first taught in late 1990s using the HyperCard development platform on the original Macintosh computer. Over the decades the class moved to Revolution and then to LiveCode, until the course was temporarily retired while DigHT faculty redeveloped it for a modern programming language.

Professors in the DigHT program evaluated several languages for the new course, but, according to Professor Jeremy Browne, there was one clear winner. “Based on the criteria of how easy the language is for students to learn, what students can do with it, and how it increases students’ employment potential, it was easy to choose Python for DigHT 210,” said Professor Browne.

As with all DigHT courses, DigHT 210 will be taught in a small computer lab, and most assignments will allow students to select how they demonstrate their abilities. “We won’t give you problem sets to solve,” said Professor Browne. “Students will be able to solve their own problems with the programming skills we learn in class.” This learner-focus is one reason DigHT courses have been honored as “must-take electives,” and we expect DigHT 210 will soon garner that same praise.