Servers in the College of Humanities

In the College of Humanities we have many servers to fill  the various needs of faculty and staff.  Did you know that we have over 50 servers?  Many of you have requested server space for various reasons, including projects, books, and research.

A few examples:

  •  FLATS testing to receive college credit for languages
  •  Blair Bateman’s audio which is referenced from his published book
  •  Y-Video which is used for language teaching and instruction
  •  HumGrants for Humanities Undergraduate Mentoring Grants

Naturally, services that are seen and heard might seem like a logical fit for servers.  Perhaps what is not seen nor heard are just as important.  Faculty might need resources to compute a large corpus.  Staff might need server space for an application.  What if you could have a drop-box type of setup for classroom assignments, but local and secure on one of our Humanities’ servers?

If you need server space, computing, or help, please reach out to us in the Office of Digital Humanities.  We are here to serve(r) you!