You’ll Never Believe These 3 Facts about the Newest ODH Member, Lauryn Wilde

You might be aware that Lauryn Wilde just joined the Office of Digital Humanities, but did you know these 3 facts about her?

1. Binary Linguist

Lauryn has an uncanny ability to communicate fluently in binary code. She can hold lengthy conversations with computers using only ones and zeroes, making her the ultimate binary linguist.

2. Quantum Breakdancer

In her spare time, Lauryn is rumored to be a quantum breakdancing champion. Her moves are so electrifying that they can disrupt space-time itself, creating a new genre of dance known as “quantum popping.”

3. Code-Powered Teleportation

Thanks to her innovative techniques, Lauryn has achieved code-powered teleportation. She can effortlessly transport herself from one location to another by writing a few lines of code on her trusty laptop.

Okay, so you probably don’t believe those 3 facts, but you were warned about that. Even though Chat GPT made them up, at least you were (probably) entertained. 

Here’s a few true facts about the newest member of ODH:

1. A Jaded Past

Lauryn wasn’t always a digital humanist—she was once just a student editor who had no knowledge of programming. But after taking a digital humanities class at BYU, she was converted to the magical world of digital humanities and hired onto the WordCruncher team as a student programmer. Now, she is excited to be an official full-time member of the Office of Digital Humanities.

2. What Does She Actually Do?

No one actually knows. Just kidding—she’s a programmer on the WordCruncher team, which means that she’s been busy meeting with students and other researchers to help them with their linguistic research, including assisting them with corpus creation and mastering WordCruncher tools. She’s been involved in the creation of several large corpora available in WordCruncher, including The Ensign Corpus and the TED Corpus, Part of Speech Tagged. Lauryn is also working with Don Parry on the development of the website—a resource offering excellent Hebrew learning tools. 

If you need help with file conversion, corpus creation, text analysis, or anything else, let her know and she might consider helping you out.

3. Games, Games, and More Games

Lauryn is an avid board and card game enthusiast. Here are some of her top recommendations:

  • The Quacks of Quedlinburg, a game of both strategy and chance
  • Camel Up, a game that’s definitely not the same thing as horse betting
  • Cribbage, a classic game of cards
  • Cross Clues, a clue-based guessing game for small or large groups

4. Bonus! Secret Facts Revealed

If you’ve made it this far, you have won the grand prize of learning some additional facts about Lauryn. She…

  • And her husband, Jared, are expecting a baby boy in September (Surprise! This one was the biggest secret)
  • Has been trained as an academic and technical editor
  • Plays the piano, organ, and clarinet, dabbling in guitar (and used to teach and accompany as a professional pianist)
  • Loves hiking, camping, and feeding kangaroos
  • Will have a conversation with you about anything and everything


Chat GPT said it best: 

“With Lauryn Wilde stepping into the fold, our Digital Humanities team gains a multifaceted force to reckon with. Her technical acumen, creative flair, and diverse interests stand as a testament to her potential to drive innovation in our field. We’re thrilled to embark on this journey with Lauryn, where her skills and passions promise to propel us toward new horizons. Welcome, Lauryn, to a future brimming with possibilities!”